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The Sauce x Arnaud Archimède

The Sauce is a special episode concept by Sauces Digitales. The goal is to have a better understanding of the power of English for BIPOC entrepreneurs, especially in the Caribbean. I strongly believe English is one of the best tools to broaden your opportunities, especially in the region. Ever since I moved back, I was eager to share this perspective with other people and honestly, Arnaud is the best first guest I could have hoped for!
After spending 10 years abroad working on a range of design projects for companies of all sizes, Arnaud founded Whistle, the 1st Caribbean incubator with 2 other associates.For him, English is essential. It’s the key skill that allows Whistle to connect with entrepreneurs from the whole Caribbean. If this topic is relevant to you, tune in to find out more about the tips and tricks to learn a new language faster.If you don’t think you’ll be able to make it without subtitles during the first minutes, don’t forget that The Sauce is also available on YouTube.

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Pour celles et ceux qui veulent passer directement à la pratique, il y à le modèle de cahier des charges à télécharger. Ce modèle comporte toutes les étapes à prendre en compte avant de se lancer dans un projet de site web. Il est entièrement personnalisable et est accompagné d’une fiche pratique pour t’aider à le remplir. 

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If you are interested in finding out more about digital jobs in the Caribbean, I have compiled the guests’ job description including: main tasks, skills and tools. Beware, this section of the website is in French only!

Arnaud Archimede